Re Mi un niño que hace solo

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An illustrated story to raise awareness and bring closer the reality of children and families with autism spectrum disorder from an everyday fact such as going to school on the first day and finding new classmates, the teacher , a new space, in short new routines. The story being illustrated allows teachers to show the illustrations to children and they can express what the illustration reflects. Music is a great vehicle for developing the educational inclusion of these children and families.

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Spanish version of the book Re Mi un nen que Fa Sol.
The psychologist and psychoanalyst Miquel Gómez publishes his first book:ReMi, un nen que FaSol, with illustrations by the illustrator Elena Nieto.
It is the first day of school in P3, the children are arriving and discovering the playground, the classrooms, the teachers and the new classmates. In this whole group there are in ReMi, un nen with autism spectrum disorder.
As the course progresses, the teacher and the other children will begin to discover that ReMi’s behavior is very different from the rest of the other children, but he will show them that music can be the best ally for everyone to do an activity. inclusive.
A story that is a great psycho-pedagogical resource to make children (and adults) aware of how people with the autism spectrum can show their specific interests, in this case the music, and like this and with the good will of the whole environment, families, school, entities, … can improve the quality of life of these children and their families.
  • Helps to develop reading comprehension.
  • Fosters sensitivity to functional diversity.
  • It promotes an inclusive music education.




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Autism, Inclusive music education, Kids, Music Therapy


Miquel Gómez


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