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Brief history

Joan Capafons expert music therapist was preparing a class for a child with ASD, he wanted to prepare a sheet music adapted with colored rounds with the serialization of the rainbow color code so he could play When three geese, he stuck some stickers with the rainbow serialization on the piano keys.

What happened in the classroom was a marvel of the human mind, Juan, the student had not attended class for fifteen days because it had been a holiday, Joan showed him the first line of the score adapted from dots of colors we had never rehearsed, Juan performed from beginning to end Twinkle, twinkle little star, only having seen the first line of the sheet music adapted from colored dots with the rainbow serialization.

In the summer of 2017 Joan Capafons developed the first three adapted songbooks of the series Rainbow Scores, in Catalan, Spanish and English. At the Taral.la 2017 music teachers fair, it has great acceptance and appreciation among music pedagogy professionals. The first edition in Catalan runs out before the following Christmas.

The English Rainbow Scores series is shipped to the two largest education distributor chains in the United States, JW Pepper and West Music Company, both companies rate the resource as an excellent resource and they begin marketing songbooks to educational institutions in the United States.

In 2019, the German version of the series PArtitures of the St. Martin’s Arch, Regenbogenlieder, is published, which arrives in the hands of the head of the printed music section of the largest musical instrument store in Europe, Thomann GMbh, the his rating of the songbook is excellent and Joan Capafons reaches an agreement to market the German songbook, the ratings of German teachers and families are excellent

In the summer of 2018 the songbook tradicional popular català per ukulele is published, a collection of 75 traditional Catalan children’s folk songs adapted for ukulele, the success of the publication is very important.

In the autumn of 2018, songbooks will be sold in most musical instrument stores in Catalonia.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic and its forced confinement led Joan Capafons to establish telematic communication with important musicians in Catalonia who, due to confinement and having all the time in the world, offered themselves unselfishly, advising him in solidarity with the contents of the songbooks. , Joan Pinós, Giuseppe Costa, Roser Cortès, Juanjo Molina, Ferran Puig and Jordi Paulí.

April 2021 the publishing project Capa Publisher is formalized, Ukelele is published for small hands by Violant Olivaes & Eduardo Hernández Padilla, the first authors of the publishing house.

In October 2022, Hal Leonard, the world’s largest distributor of educational resources, reached an agreement with Capa Publisher to distribute its musical educational materials worldwide.

Our goal

Our goal as a short-term publisher is to be able to offer musical pedagogical resources in order to encourage the love and learning of music.

In the long term we want to publish all the topics related to how art improves the life of human beings, always from a scientific and rigorous point of view.


Discover the authors of the project.

Violant Olivares


Teacher of ukulele for children

Eduardo Hernández


Teacher of ukulele for children

Javier Centeno


Choral singing teacher